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Mar 19, 2013 1:40am PDT
on this since the days he was elected. and, i think a fair summary of his harshest british is that his harshest critic is someone from a newspaper that is closely alive with the government that then cardinal bergoglio very harshly criticized and that this critic was also, maybe had some skeletons in his closet with regard to his own behavior during the dirty war and this critic is the one keeping this allegation most alive and making it most bow siff rourousely. the cardinal at the time said he did work behind the scenes in order to assist and even free people. that said, it's very appropriate that we have the situation of countries all over the world elevated to global awareness and that it's great that we have popes from those countries to do that. one of the most wonderful things about any time you spend at the vatican is that you break out of your own limited understanding of the catholic church and you come into contact with people who have grown up with a really different understanding of the church, different spirit ut, different interaction between the church and political regimes. and
Mar 22, 2013 1:40am PDT
donations from france's richest woman, before the 2007 election victory. the woman is the heir to the l'oreal cosmetics fortune and is 90 years old. >>> on capitol hill the new budget deal passed by congress continues the requirement for six-day mail delivery. but some lawmakers and postal officials say plan to cut saturday service to save the money should proceed. others say a provision in the bill mandates six days a week. >> more signs the housing market is coming back. sales of previously occupied homes rose again last month. selling at the fastest pace there in more than three years. and home prices are up almost 12% in a year. as abc's steve osunsami reports, more people are starting to put their homes on the market and for good reason. >> reporter: what a turn around. it took only ten days to sell this beautiful home in the middle of atlanta. there were four offers. it sold for $10,000 above asking. >> do you like this house? >> nathan and christine mayberry have been searching for a single family home in a good school district and say there are no homes to buy. for now in a cram
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2